STOCK 1240 x 1620 mm semi automatic sheet-sheet laminator, model 134R 1250 P-G from 2003 + pressing station 5 1250 NEW


Manufacturer: Stock Maschinenbau GmbH, Tannenwaldstraße 8, D-36323 Grebenau-Eulersdorf, Germany

Model: 134R/1250 P-G (second hand, S/N° 20030818) and pressure belt 5/1250 (new)

Year of construction: laminator: 2003

Year of construction: pressure belt: new


Technical data:

Machine width: 1.260 mm

Sheet length: – min. 500 mm, max. 1,620 mm

Sheet width: – min. 500 mm, max. 1,240 mm


For laminating (mounting) displays and boxes, single- and double-face corrugated sheets, as well as folding carton and solid board (with restrictions)

Fully automatic sheet-to-sheet laminator for mounting substrate sheets together with litho printed labels / sheets with an accuracy of approx. ± 1.5 mm. Equipped with an automatic bottom sheet feeder, automatic top (printed) sheet feeder, as well as an automatic sheet delivery system consisting of an automatic non-stop down-stacker and a flip-flop (batch pile-turner). Stream & single sheet feeding of the printed sheets into the mounting machine – dependent on different material (sheet quality). Production (speed) for an automatic machine: up to 8,000 sheets per hour with 2 operators. Suitable for mounting substrate sheets for example single- & double-face corrugated up to 7mm thickness and some solid board from approx. 0,8 – 2 mm calliper, together with litho printed labels / sheets of paper and board from 150 – 400 gsm.


The automatic Sheet–to–Sheet Laminator consists of:

Basic Laminating Machine – model 1/P

Automatic Suction Feeder for Substrate Sheets – model 4R

Pressure (Shingling) Belt – model 5


Technical modifications reserved.

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