New, special automatic flatbed die cutter for offset laminated displays (due to the extended-long-feeder with Servo-Drive). In the large format of 1650 x 1200 mm, a speed of 5.500 sheets/hour and with 400 tons cutting force. More power in the stripper and improved access by a larger window.
Improved safety and ergonomics.
This machine includes all experiences that has been made to date with automatic flat bed die cutter's:
With a new, wider, quieter and very precise lead-edge feeder for max. speed. 16% energy savings due to newly calculated curves for more efficient movements and smoother start and stop time (fewer nicks will be required).

- 3rd stripping frame for pin-stripper
- prepared to install a breaker

  • Carboard Type: E | B | C | A | AB
  • Product Width: 650 - 1620 mm
  • Product Length: 450 - 1200 mm
  • Machine Speed: 5500 s/h
  • Max. Cutting Pressure: 400 t
  • Machine Width: 5820 mm
  • Machine Length: 10960 mm
  • Machine Weight: 32 T
  • Electrical Data: 380 V | 50 Hz
  • Total Power: 36,5 KW

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