semi automatic stitching-/ gluing machines 2002 - with oscillating stitching head

The semi automatic stitching-/ gluing machine 2002 with oscillating stitching head is suitable to stitch, glue or both: glue-stitch corrugated boxes of various types.

The machine is composed of a feeding table, stitching-gluing unit and counter ejector.

The feeding table has rollers to assist the loading/positioning of the corrugated sheets.
Size of the feeding table is 3500 x 1030 mm. Max up- and down movement is 1050 mm.
Automatic adjustment of stack height at infeed point.

Standard length of counter ejector can be extended by a further 2000 mm on request.
Automatic pile count by adjustable pre-set electronics.


Oscillating head (700 stitches per min) - without clutch-brake group
Electronic control of placing and counting stitches


Max capacity                                                    KG.                600

Overall height                                                  mm.                300         

Useful height                                                   mm.              1050

Size of platform                                               mm.   3500 x 1030


    Stitches speed                                                                                           700/1’       

    Stitch width                                                                                               mm. 14

    Size of stitching wire                                                                                 mm 2,50 x 0,50

    Staple leg length                                                                                        8-10-12-15 mm

    Max stitching thickness                                                                             mm. 16    

    Slanting of the stitch                                                                                  45°           

    Min. distance between stitches                                                                  mm. 20

    Max distance between stitches when on continuous cycle                             mm. 80

    Stitching head will automatically change from continuous

    running to stop-start mode when stitch pitch is more than                           mm. 150

    Working width                                                                                           mm 2200/3000                 

    Power of head motor                                                                                  KW 0,75

    Power of elevator motor                                                                             KW 1,87

    Power of movement head motor                                                                  KW 0,37

    Power of transport motor                                                                            KW 3,00

    Total power                                                                                                KW 5,99

    Weight                                                                                                       Kg. 2500/3000

Above technical data, dimensions and weights are not binding. Possible changes can take place at any time.

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