semi automatic stitching-/ gluing machines XC 32 - double heads


models: XC-3000 / XC-3600 / XC-4000 / XC-4400

The semi automatic double-head stitching machines XC 32 are built to close one- or two halves of corrugated sheets.

The machines are equipped with one upper- and one lower stitching head, to stitch board thicknesses from 5 to 32 mm in one working process.

The stitching speed is 330 stitches/min.

Optionally, the machines can be equipped with one or two additional hot-melt as well as cold PVA glue units.

The machines are available in different working width’s of 3000 mm, 3600 mm, 4000 mm and 4400 mm and do allow to produce double box sizes of the machine’s working width’s.

The electronic program does allow the following choices and functions for different automatic set-ups:

-      Only stitching or only gluing - as well as both, stitching and gluing for two piece boxes

-       Stitching or gluing with one head each - for single boxes

-       Number of stitches up to max. 128

-       Stitching distance up to max. 100 mm

-       Setting of double stitches at the first- and the last stitch

-       Setting of double stitches from the beginning- until the end of the box

-       Adjustment of the glue length

-       Adjustment of different stitch-/ glue length’s at the upper and lower heads


The main machine is equipped as follow: 

-      Upper and lower stitching head with motorised side adjustment

-      Pneumatic front guides to keep single- or two-piece boxes squared before stitching

-      Transport through 4 pairs of “high-grip” sandwich toothed belts, 2 sets each left- and right beside the stitching heads

-      Motorised side adjustment, as well as pneumatic pressure of the sandwich belts



Hydraulic Lifting Table:

-         includes two separate lifting tables to stack the two different half sheets

-         free turning rollers in straight- and cross direction

-         foot pedal for lifting up / down

-         automatic table lifting - always to the right working level through photocell control

-         safety bars underneath the platforms

Automatic Stackers:

-       version 1: down-stacker, either for batches or for high-piles

-       version 2: up-stacker for high-piles up to max. 1800 mm stacking height

-       automatic roller conveyors on request



VERSIONS                                                                              3000    3600    4000    4400    all

Speed of stitching head pc./h.                                                                                          330

Min. board thickness                                                                                                      5 mm

Max. board thickness                                                                                                   32 mm

Wire sizes                                                                                         2,3 x 0,9 - 2,5 x 0,5 mm

Width of stitch                                                                                                             17 mm

Stitch angle                                                                                                                       45°

Installed power                                                                                                             10 KW

Number of stitches min.                                                                                                       1

Number of stitches max.                                                                                                   128


Machine width complete                                                                  4300    4900    5300    5700

Width incl. elevator                                                                        4300    4900    5300    5700

Weight in kg                                                                                   4100    4300    4400    4500

Working width                                                                                3000    3600    4000    4400



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