moving your equipment


Moving your equipment to another site


IMPS will move your equipment – even at very tight space conditions – re-install them professionally at site and start-up production soonest again.

With our modern lifting equipment, we are in the position to move your equipment from one site to another place professionally.

Including the in- and out bringing of the machines, on- and off loading plus the organisation of the transports as such.

We do operate internationally as-well.



Our own equipment does include medium sized fork lifts of 2,5 to or 5 to, medium sized heavy-duty under carriages up til 16 to payload and hydraulical jacks.

With the lower-loader we are in the position to transport heavy-duty machines and equipment up til 24 to max. and of exceptional dimensions as well.

Due to the availability of different truck versions of our partner company NK Logistik, as well as the heavy-duty equipment of different other partners, we are also in the position to move exceptionally big and heavy-duty machines like automatic flatbed die-cutters.


fork lifts 2,5 to + 5 to

different truck versions

lower-loader up to 24 to max. load

small under carriages

medium under carriages up to 16 to

hydraulical jacks


underlay plates


We would appreciate very much, if we could be your efficient and reliable partner as-well.

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