EDF CASTALDINI FlexyFeed 920 prefeeder


This is a small, automatic, very fast, modular and flexible block Prefeeder.  With servo-motors!
For max. Formats of 2000 x 800 mm and a capacity of >400 sheets / min.

This machine comes in two versions:
FlexyFeed 920 T10R (for top printing, revolver)
or FlexyFeed 920 T10B (for bottom printing).
Conceived of 4 modules, fully electrically - non-hydraulic. Either shingeled or batch supply.
Shingling is always horizontal, regardless of the feeding hight of the converting machine.

Especially designed for high performance mini-liner with top printing: The package turning device is disconnected from the package lift and runs as a turret with 4 positions - servo motor.

Left or right operator side is possible.

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