EDF CASTALDINI FlexyRengo CS 3005F prefeeder - for flatbed die cutters


The corrugated prefeeder CS 3005 F is an excellent compromise between automatic feeding, simple usage and tight budget.

It is particularly suitable to feed automatic flatbed die cutters - where good accessibility of the stack by the operator is necessary - in order to take the waste out and handle the corrugated sheets.

The prefeeder CS 3005 F can operate completely automatic. Only the removal of the last sheet under the stack has to be taken out manually.

It does not require peculiar format adjustments and it is particularly suitable for short runs.

It is fixed to the floor and has a telescopic belts deck to adjust the feeding position to the board length.

This prefeeder does feed the production machine in a shingled mode, where the shingling overlap is adjustable. Also the belt deck is adjustable in height.


  • Carboard Type: E | B | C | A | AB
  • Product Width: 400 - 2100 mm
  • Product Length: 400 - 1300 mm
  • Stack Entry Height: 200 - 1800 mm
  • Machine Weight: 5000 Kg
  • Electrical Data: 400 V | 25 A | 15 Kw
  • Air Data: 6 Bar | 120 NL/Min

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