CURIONI 1400 x 460 mm mini-/ partition slotter, model Velox 1400. With belt transport!


Manufacturer: Officine Curioni S.p.A., Strada per Quartiano, 26832 Galgagnano (LO), Italien

Supplier: Alfred Klett KG, Remscheid, Deutschland

Model: Velox 1400

Max. sheet size: 1390 x 466 mm

Max. sheet size with skip-feed: 1390 x 600 mm

Min. sheet size: 200 x 95 mm

Max. mech. speed (as new machine): 12.500 kicks/h.

Composed off:

  • Kicker feeder with rotary slotter, 8 mm slotting knives; fitted with: 9 pairs slotting knives, 6 pairs slitting knives, 4 pairs creasers

  • belt transport

Technical modifications reserved.

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