STOCK 1260 x 1620 mm semi automatic sheet-sheet laminator, model 134 R 1250 P from 2003. With pressure belt.


Manufacturer: STOCK Maschinenbau GmbH, Tannenwaldstraße 8, D – 36323 Grebenau Eulersdorf, Germany

Model: 134R/1250 P

Year of construction: 2003.08.18


Lamintaing machine for laminating (mounting) displays and boxes, single- and double-face corrugated sheets, as well as folding carton and solid board (with restrictions)

Semi automatic sheet-to-sheet laminator for mounting substrate sheets together with litho printed labels.


Technical data:

Sheet length: – min. 500 mm, max. 1.620 mm

Sheet width: – min. 500 mm, max. 1.260 mm

• production (sheets per hour) for model 134R,5: up to 2.000 sph – with 2 operators
• set-up times for model 134R,5: ca. 5 min.
• laminating tolerances ca.: +/- 1,5 mm


Machine composition:

1 vacuum belt feeder, grey

1 sheet laminator, grey

1 pressure belt, green


Material thickness:

• Substrate (carrier materials) from 0,6 – 7 mm. Single faced corrugated can only be fed with flutes in running direction for the machine (standing flutes).

For solid board from ca. 400 – 500 g/m2, an additional stripping needle bar is required, to prevent the substrate from wrapping around the glue application roller.

• Cover (top material) from ca. 150 – 400 g/m2. Only with the special machine (model SP) up to 1.200 g/m2.
• Variations are permitted according to quality.


Glue application:
• Ahesives with a white resin (PVAc) or starch base can be used. The automatic glue feeding system (P) is included in the delivery.
• Glue consumption dependent up on type of paper (board), content of humidity and adhesive.: single faced corrugted board up to 25 – 30 g/m2, double faced corrugated board and solid board ca. 40 – 60 g/m2.



• Width: ca. 2,5 m

• Height: ca. 2 m

• Length laminator: ca. 3 m

• Length pressure belt: ca. 6 m



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