CASTALDINI 2500 x 1700 mm automatischer Prefeeder, model CS 3005/3007 - for machines with bottom print - ONLY FOR FEEDING WITHOUT PALLETS


Manufacturer: CASTALDINI GROUP, Via della Meccanica 10, I-40050 Argelato, Italien

Model: CS 3005/3007

Year of construction:


Batch feeding type prefeeer CS 3005/7:

The prefeeder CS3005/7 is an excellent compromise between automatic feeding, simple usage and good budgeting.

This machine is particularly suitable where it is necessary a good accessibility of the stack by the operator in order to take out the waste and operate on the carton board sheets.

The machine can operate completely in automatic. Only the removal of the last sheet under the stack has to be done manually.

The prefeeder does not require peculiar format adjustments and it is particularly suitable for short runs.

The machine is assembled on driven wheels and carries over the carton board in the machine direction.


The prefeeder does in-feeds the production machine with batches where the thickness is adjustable. A special device lets detach exactly a certain number of sheets - avoiding errors with detached sheets by mistake that cause jams.

The belt deck can house two batches simultaneously until a max board length of 1200 mm.

If higher dimensions are used, then the machine operation changes automatically to a single batch.

The belt deck also does house the frontal jogger of the hopper.

The belt deck is adjustable in height.


Technical modifications reserved.

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