TMZ 720 x 1020 mm manual platen press from 1984


Manufacturer: TMZ Talleres Morato S.L., C/ Tomás Alba Edison (Pol. Cogullada), 15-17, 50014 Zaragoza, Spain


Year of construction: 1984

Technical data:

Max. sheet size: 760 x 1060 mm

Max. inner size of the die cutting chase: 720 x 1020 mm

Die cutting plate: 800 x 1040 mm

Die cutting pressure: ca. 300 to

Max. pressure: 2,8 Tm/dm²

Power supply: 4 kW

Compressed air necessary: 6 bar

Net weight: ca. 4.000 kg

Attention: die cutting tools and compressor are not part of the supply.

Technical modifications reserved.

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