KRIFFT + ZIPSNER pile turner, model E 190RL, ww 1650 x 1220 mm from 1991


Manufacturer: Krifft & Zipsner GmbH, Industriestr. 4 / 17, 57520 Steinebach / Sieg, Germany


Year of construction: 1991

Pile turners for turning, jogging, aerating and pallet handling in the printing and packaging industry – for the preparation of the pile for the printing, die-cutting or laminating process.

  • Turning of laminated sheets and corrugated cardboard

  • Usability of all standard pallets, including disposable pallets

  • Jogging and aerating for separating sticking sheets and for aligning the pile

  • Removal of waste sheets by the operator during the preparation of the pile

  • Blowing-out of dust between the sheets

  • Turning of the pile for reverse printing

  • Replacement of damaged pallets

  • Replacement of wooden pallets with system pallets for the non-stop process

Max. sheet size: 1650 x 1220 mm

Voltage: 380 V, 3 N, 50 Hz

Full load current: A40


Length: ca. 3500 mm

Width: ca. 3000 mm

Above techniCal details are subject to modification without notice.

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