flatbed die cutters
All our flatbed die cutters (automatic or semi automatic machines) are manufactured by ETERNA, Shanghai, China.

They are available in different versions for various demands in regards to material- and qualities to be die cut. Also in terms of different sheet sizes, production speeds, technical levels and different price ranges.

To optimize production in terms of machine crews, staff and logistics - some automatic die cutters are available with either left- or right side operation.

To reduce set-up and down-time, the mouvable chases for the die cutting- and stripping tools are equipped for Centreline-II systems standardwise.

Being able to change those chases quicker, a side chase loader could be installed additionally at the side of the die cutting section.


To achieve automatic inline process production - with board feeding, flexo printing, transfering them into the die cutters, breaking multiple outs-/ ups and stacking batches in piles and different lay-outs onto load formers - they can be supplemented with the suitable periperal equipment:

Prefeeders, flexo printers, transfer stations upfront - and breakers and load formers behind. All availble in various different versions.

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