CASTALDINI 1750 x 1350 mm semi automatic palletiser, model CZ 21-5X from 1995.


Manufacturer: CASTALDINI GROUP, Via della Meccanica 10, I-40050 Argelato, Italy

Model: CZ 21-5X

Year of construction: 1995


Installed power: 10,5 kW


Exit roller conveyor:

Model: AL.CZ 900 x 2000 mm

Year of construction: 1995

Matr. No.: 11.323.08

Installed power: 0,37 kW


Angle construction to the left side into the down stacker (down stacking in a pit) and exit to the right side onto the exit roller conveyor.

A pit of 2600 mm w x 2000 mm l x 1500 mm depth is necessary.

Electrics renewed.


Operation mode: mechanically-electrically-pneumatically

Production/h.: 18 layers/min.

Voltage: 380 V Drehstrom 50 Hz

Installed power: 7 kW

Air consumption at 5 bar: 12 N/L per layer

Air pressure: 8 bar

Dimensions of the machine: ca. 2550 x 6500 x 1500 mm

Weight: ca. 2700 kg

Dimensions of the pallets:

Width: 750 - 1750 mm

Length: 750 - 1350 mm

Stacking height max.: 1800 mm


The machine will be supplied with the CE declaration of conformity for the machine directive 89/392; EMC directive 89/336 and low tension directive 73/23.


Technical modifications reserved.

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