EMMEPI 2000 x 2300 mm automatic pallet press, model PR-123 1L from 2001.


Manufacturer: EMMEPI, Italy

Model: PR-123 1L

Year of construction: 2001


Automatic machine with 1 lance.



Width: 2400 mm + lance: apr. 3000 mm

Length: 1900 mm

Height 3200 mm

max. height of pile incl. pallet: 2300 mm

min. height of pile: 500 mm

max. width of pile: 2000 mm

length of pile: unlimited

with 2 straps per pallet: apr. 60 pallets/h.

Pressure: 4000 kg

Type of strapping band: Polypropylen 12 x 0,8 mm

Diameter of strapping band coil: 400 mm

Weight: apr. 2500 kg

Installed power: apr. 7,4 KW


Technical modifications reserved.