ERBA TITAN manual platen press, model 4 P.N., ww 1000 x 1400 mm from 1991


Manufacturer platen press: OFFICINA MECCANICA ERBA S.R.L., Via del Ponte 5, I-21052 Busto Arsizio (VA), Italy

Model: 4 P.N.

Year of construction: 1991



Max. inner size of the die cutting chase: 1000 x 1400 mm

Max. sheet size: 1015 x 1455 mm

Max. size of movable plane: 1015 x 1455 mm

Max. die cutting size (without chase): 1000 x 1420 mm

Height of die cutting rules: 23,8 mm

Max. strokes / h.: 750 – 1200

Power supply: 8 kW

Compressed air necessary: 6 bar

Outer dimensions: ca. 2560 x 2230 mm

Net weight: ca. 9.000 kg

Gross weight: ca. 9.600 kg



  • Air clutch and brake

  • Pneumatic clutch-brake system with security valve

  • Timer for the stop in open position; operation modes: timer, single stroke, continuous running

  • Standard pressure setting

  • Manual oil lubrication

  • Separate electrical panel

  • Security devices according to C.E. regulations: hand guard, knee treble, step-on-safety mats



  • hardened and ground die cutting steel plate in tempered rectified steel, 5 mm

  • Universal self-centring chase with manual adjustment


 Attention: die cutting tools and compressor are not part of the supply.


Due to national security regulations, the connection of 2 step-on-safety mats or 2 fixed installed tables at the left- and right side of the machine are obligatory – and to be carried out at buyers responsibility and cost. They are not part of the supply.

Technical modifications reserved.

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